Finding the right career.

Finding the right career is one of the most difficult life decisions. Popular media encourages us to pursue our passions and find a career that ignites the fire within. Sounds great right? Who wouldn’t want to get paid to do what they love every day of their lives? The reality is, however, that some passions don’t support lucrative careers.

Additionally, we sometimes identify something that we think is our passion that really isn’t.  We follow the fads and trends thinking that what works for others will also work for us. You won’t find the right career by trying to do what everyone else does. Everyone wasn’t meant to be an Instagram star (just saying).

Be honest. You’ve probably reached a point where you feel as though you’re squished between a rock and a hard place. You need a career that helps you pay the bills but doesn’t make you dread getting out of bed each day. The career you presently have is probably satisfying the former but not the latter.

Finding yourself in this position is a clear indication that you need help with a career change. These 3 strategies are a starting point for finding the right career. The onus is on you to seek further assistance from an experienced life coach such as those at Intuitive Professional Coaching.

Take a Career Path Test

Tests are a dime a dozen on the internet. Psychometric tests, love language tests, knowing which partner is right for your tests…you name it and there’s probably a test for it. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that there are career path tests.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most popular career path tests. In fact, its analysis extends far beyond careers and can be applied to helping you understand your personality. The indicator was originally developed in 1943 by Katherine Coke Briggs and Clarence Myers. It groups people into 16 personality types. These groupings provide valuable insight into the best careers for each personality. It is deemed one of the most accurate predictors of career matches.

Other career path tests exist. Some of the most popular include:

  • Self-Directed Search
  • The MAPP Career Assessment Test
  • Career Strengths Test
  • StrengthsQuest
  • The Big Five Personality Test

Identify the Activities You Enjoy Doing Most

Finding the right career begins with you. There are certain tasks and activities that we naturally gravitate towards. For instance, you may find yourself absentmindedly doodling on scraps of paper or picking up a pencil to draw a crazy idea that came into your mind. Another example is you always thinking about what to cook next not because you view cooking as something that must be done, but because you genuinely enjoy preparing meals.

Each person has something that he or she is naturally inclined towards. It’s harder for some people to discover it than others, but it’s there. Spend about 10 minutes writing down everything you truly enjoy doing. Narrow this list down to the top 3 activities you absolutely love doing. The next step is asking yourself one of 2 questions for each activity:

  • How can I transform my attributes into a successful career?
  • Which company exists that would allow me to utilize these innate skills?
  • How can I become a part of this company?

Create a Career Action Plan

Identifying possible careers is a great first step. However, that isn’t enough to provide help with a career change. You need to clearly outline the steps you’ll take to make that career change happen. It’s like climbing a ladder. You know what’s at the top rung, but you must climb all the other rungs first before reaching there. Write each small step down and record your progress towards accomplishing them.

You deserve to find the right career. These 3 steps are a good way to start. However, it helps to have a life coach who can provide additional direction and support. You’ll need that extra push along the way. Intuitive Professional Coaching is here to help.  Click here to schedule a free Discovery session with Coach Margaret.

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