Margaret Williams

Once upon a time, you were an achiever and a leader. You were committed to making your mark at work and attain that level of success in your career or business. And it doesn’t end there. You had a passion for making a difference propels you to thrive and prosper in other aspects of your life like:

  • Your relationships at work, at home, and within your community
  • Your health and well-being
  • Your ability to grow and develop
  • Your hobbies and interests
  • Your burning desire to leave a legacy in the lives of the people you touch

In short, you crave to become prosperous and successful. After all, when you’re successful and thriving in the different areas of your life, you become a better leader, wife, mother, friend, and community member. Not to mention you feel invigorated and have the quality of life you dream for yourself and your family.

That all changed when you got married and had children.

You put a high value time with your family. You want to give your kids all the love, support, and time they deserve above all else.

So you made the decision to become a stay at home mom. Instead of achieving business goals, implementing new strategies, overseeing team meetings, and closing new deals, you spend your time in PTA meetings, bake sales, soccer practice, recitals, and helping your kids with their homework.

And even though the hours are longer, you’ve never felt so fulfilled in your entire life.

But kids grow up. Sooner than you expect, you find yourself helping your youngest child settle in their college dorm.

As you and your spouse head back home, the trip is silent and longer than it was when you were bringing your child to the university. You come home, tired and having this horrible feeling you couldn’t explain.

You wake up and make your way down the hall to your child’s room. You open the door, and that’s when reality hits you…HARD!

All your children are no longer living with you at home. Suddenly, your once happy and noisy home has become silent and too big for you and your spouse. You try to call your child, but they don’t answer.

The hours seem to tick by so slowly. You start to worry and anxious how are your children. You try to go through the rest of the day as normal as you can. But it’s just not the same.

Now, something is missing, right?

You feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and stressed out. As you find yourself adapting to life as an empty nester, you find yourself:

  • Frustrated and helpless
  • Suffering from severe emotional mood swings
  • Arguing more frequently with your spouse
  • Withdrawing from your friends, especially those that still got their kids with them
  • Feeling useless and no longer have a purpose to live

You’ve been taught that you need to love yourself for who you are. But at the same time, you find yourself surrounded by people that undermine and misunderstand you and your situation.

You willingly gave up your dream to help fulfill the dreams of your children. Now that they are living their own lives, you start thinking about going back and continue living your own.

But at your age, is it even possible?

My answer to that is a resounding YES!

Being an empty nester and a woman, I’ve been there, too.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck and unable to move forward and reach my highest potential after devoting so much of my life raising my daughter. I was too young to retire. But at the same time, I was away from my career that I felt that I could no longer go back.

That all changed when I realized that I could still make a difference. As I looked back on the years that I spent raising my daughter, I developed a range of skills that would make me an asset in the corporate world. I discovered that developing what I had instead of focusing on what I don’t, embracing this new chapter of my life, and stepping outside my comfort zone not only empowered and help regain my confidence but also gave me the motivation to start living out my dreams. Most importantly, this shift helped me achieve my goals.

My life has never been the same.

I’ve prospered in my full-time job working at the US Army Corps of Engineers.

I published my first book on Amazon.

Within months after receiving my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential certificate from the International Coach Federation (ICF), I’ve already helped several people just like me discover their hidden talents and gifts, remove their self-doubt and limiting beliefs, gain their self-confidence, and reach their fullest potential.


Best of all…

I’ve been able to connect with others on a personal level and built strong and lasting relationships with them.


How can I help you do the same?

Through my Face-to-Face and A Better You shows, my book 5 Steps to Become Your Best Self, Facebook group Empowerment Coaching for Women, and this website, I am empowering strong, ambitious, and motivated introvert women discover their life purpose and passion so that they can prosper and make a positive change in their lives.

Ready to make a change?

I’m guessing that your answer is a resounding “YES!”

That’s why you’re here and reading this.

If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve proven that you’re willing to start the journey to a better and more exceptional you. You just want to make sure that you’re doing the RIGHT thing with the RIGHT person to guide you.

Also, be confident that this will be the beginning of things changing for the better.

Remember: You are a miracle in manifestation. You are gifted for greatness. So it’s time to begin the journey to become the masterpiece you were created to be.

Take the First Step