Choices, Chances, Changes – these are the 3 essential Cs of our life. We need to make a choice to make a change, or our life will never change. There’s more to this adage than meets the eye.

Men dominate the field of business. Women need to exert leadership skills, intelligence and unwavering confidence to compete. Gone are the days when women are dependent, less abled, second best, and mediocre. Influential women of our generation include Oprah Winfrey, Melinda Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, J.K. Rowling, Angela Merkel, Beyonce Knowles, Theresa May, and Arianna Huffington, to name a few. What do these fantastic women have in common? They all took risks, went the extra mile and changed not only themselves but the world as a whole. Despite the astounding success stories of women taking huge risks, many of us are afraid to step out of our comfort zones to try something new. Why do we swing from a “yes” and a “no” when looking into a promising chance to be better? What are we so afraid of?

Our fears stemmed from our own fear of failure and regret. You might still be nursing a fractured ego and a wounded self-esteem. It’s brought about by something you thought was a huge blunder that caused you a lot of trouble. Moreover, you are not so keen to throw yourself into something you are not so sure of and risk failing again. I am not trying to belittle what you’re going through. But don’t you think it’s already high time to pick yourself up and do something to repair the damage? Don’t be stymied by these negative thoughts and “what if’s.” If you come to think of it, they are just thoughts and nothing more. Below are some points to ponder to help you see risk-taking in a different light:

Benefits of Taking Risks

  1. It opens the door to new challenges and opportunities. The world is full of possibilities and chances of a better future. A little ounce of courage can propel us towards building greater heights. Stepping out of the familiar is the first step of success. As the saying goes, “You’ll never discover vast oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” So go get ‘em, girl!


  1. It empowers us to try things you thought you can’t do. We have our own boundaries. We are so accustomed in believing we are only capable of doing certain things. That doing something outside the ordinary will only lead to failure. When we take risks, we change our way of thinking. We improve our outlook on life by breaking through the barriers of limited thinking. As the saying goes, “Your only limit is your soul, and only the fearless can be great.” We have the necessary ingredients to be greater than what we used to be. We can achieve wonderful things that we deserve.


  1. It helps us become more creative. We must trust our instincts, gather our wits, and use our problem-solving skills. Determine a sensible plan of action and put it into motion. Make mistakes along the way, but as long as we don’t give up, we’re bound to succeed in the end. After all, “He who never made a mistake, never made a discovery.”


  1. It assists us in identifying what you want in your life. Taking risks is not a blind, impulsive plunging us into the unknown. It involves thorough assessment and careful consideration of the pros and cons. To make smart and shrewd decisions, we’ve got to be clear whether the reward we’ll be getting is something we want. Is it enough for us to take the chance? If it is, then, by all means, go for it and leave all the hesitations behind. Remember, “If there’s even a slight chance at getting something that will make you happy, risk it. Life’s too short, and happiness is too rare.”


  1. It aids us to transcend the bonds of the average and limited way of living and thinking. Being out of our comfort zone, we will have the renewed sense of inspiration. Our purpose is to embrace new opportunities for growth and improvement. As we experience positive outcomes from the risks our self–confidence increases. We develop higher respect for ourselves and others. We become empowered to undertake new endeavors. When we take on new challenges, we are on our way to making our vision of a successful future a reality. “The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear and get a record of successful experiences behind you.”

We all have the power within us to excel and reach that pinnacle of success. All we need is to make that brave choice to take that once-in-a-lifetime chance to change our life for the better.

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